Product Description

Animal PET has irreplaceable value in the mechanism research, treatment, and drug development for tumors and major diseases of the nervous and cardiac system, but its great application potential is limited by the performance of the instrument.

Characterized by its all-digital nature and accurate sampling, Trans-PET/CT is a small-animal PET/CT designed and manufactured by RAYCAN. Analog PET and semi-digital PET suffer from uncertainty, difficulty of use, and narrow applications. Trans-PET/CT takes PET system design out of a fixed pattern to broader horizons. Excellent performance, fast manufacturing, AFOV and TFOV expansions, quick and cost-effective upgrades, and an optional CT add-on greatly enhance the potential of PET equipment to meet different application requirements.

Product Features

Digital detection technology
Highly improved the image quality
Highly reduced the radiation dose
Highly increased scanning speed

Automatic calibration technology
Make sure the best performance

Stable and reliable, long and trouble-free operation time

The only commercial all-digital PET in the world that can extend the scanner diameter and axial field of view

Various models offer different combination of performance, Upgradability and flexibility are good to meet the different application needs

Hardware and software can be extended and upgraded easily and quickly


1.0 mm imaging resolution

Precise quantification of drug metabolism in animals
Drug screening, research on drug distribution and metabolism, evaluation of drug efficacy, etc.

High quality live animal imaging performance, decreasing dosage by 2/3 or more, saving 3/4 of scan time
Improving animal survival rate and environmental safety
Dynamic imaging

Simultaneous imaging of up to 5 mice, effectively improving efficiency of PET utilization

Stable imaging from just a few to hundreds of µCi