Site Requirements

1+1 Supporting Workstation

PET Imaging Workstation – PI Work

Powerful data collection and calibration system

  • Built-in database system convenient for case data management, seamlessly connecting to the PET imaging workstation
  • Support for dynamic, static, and whole body scanning modes
  • Normalization calibration, attenuation calibration, dead time calibration, and other automated system calibration modules

Powerful image reconstruction system

  • 2D-FBP, 2D-OSEM, 3D-OSEM, and other image reconstruction methods
  • DICOM 3.0 standard compatible, supporting various image processing software


PET Imaging Workstation – MultiView

Good quantitative analysis tools

  • A variety of 2D/3D ROI, SUV measuring tools
  • Biodistribution statistics function
  • Time-activity curve function

Rich image view modes

  • 2D, 3D, arbitrary cross section

Image matching and fusion

  • Supports PET/CT, PET/MRI imaging