Product Description

Si-BDM 2550 is a reliable and easy-to-use PET detector, with high timing resolution and magnetic compatibility. Benefiting from the flexible connection between the front-end probe and the detector body,users can easily adjust the detecting position.Also,the unique dual-head design allows a single Si-BDM 2250 constituting a coincidence imaging system.The ultra-high-timing performance,required for TOF in PET imaging meets any research needs due to the modular aspect of the Si-BDM.

Product Features

Excellent timing resolution performance: Supports TOF Imaging

Unique dual-head design: a single Si-BDM 2250 can constitute a coincidence detection/imaging system

Dead zone free probe: Higher consistent resolution across entire FOV


  1. Digital PET, digital animal PET and clinical PET
  2. Gamma detection
  3. Scientific research in PET

Technical Specifications

Product model Si-BDM 2550
Power supply DC 12V
Power dissipation 16W
Dimension 205mm×100mm×26mm
Weight 720g
Front-end Detector
Header number 2
Scintillator 6×6 LYSO matrix / header
Crystal size 4.2×4.2×20.0mm3
Photon detector 6×6 SiPM array / header
Sensitive area 25mm×25mm / header
Energy resolution ≤16%@511KeV
Timing resolution ≤550ps
Sampling method Multi-Voltage Threshold
Maximum count rate 5Mcps
Data transmission interface RJ45(Gigabit Ethernet,UDP protocol)

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature -25~+40℃
Storage temperature -40~+80℃
Relative humidity 10%~90%
Atmosphere pressure 70~110kPa