Product Description

Si-BDM 5075 is a stable and easy-to-use digital PET detector. Compact design makes system integration easier with other modalities. Because of its modular design, the Si-BDM 5075 also allows users to adjust the sampling parameters according to the application characteristics.

Product Features

Easy to integration with other

SiPM based probe: Lower operation voltage and compact size

All digital architecture: stability despite extreme EM exposure


  1. Digital PET, digital animal PET and clinical PET
  2. Gamma ray detection
  3. Scientific research in PET

Technical Specifications

Product model Si-BDM 5075
Scintillator Six 6×6 LYSO matrix
Crystal size 4.2×4.2×20.0mm3
Photon detector Six 6×6 SiPM array
Sensitive area 50mm×75mm
Energy resolution ≤16%@511KeV
Timing resolution ≤1.5ns
Sampling method Multi-Voltage Threshold
Data transmission interface RJ45(Gigabit Ethernet,UDP protocol)
Power supply DC 12V
Power dissipation 16W
Dimension 81mm×53mm×62mm
Weight 660g

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature -25~+40℃
Storage temperature -40~+80℃
Relative humidity 10%~90%
Atmosphere pressure 70~110kPa