Product Description

Oscillator provides a low power, multi-ouput, clock distribution function with low jitter, low phase noise performance. It is to fulfill the needs of synchronous clocks in PET systems and PET detectors. Oscillator offers 12 outputs low-noise clocks with a range of 1 MHz to 1 GHz. The output level standards of the clock can be configured to work in LVDS, LVPECL or LVCMOS mode. Users are able to program user-defined parameters to inner EEPROM via a data configure interface.

Product Features

Output frequency:1 MHz to 1GHz(Factory setting: 50MHz)

12 outputs configurable: LVDS、LVPECL and LVCOMS

Low power, low jitter

Outputs automatic synchronization when powered up


  1. Digital PET, digital animal PET and clinical PET
  2. Clocking high speed ADC, DAC, DDS, DDC,DUC, MxFE
  3. Low jitter, low phase noise clock distribution

Technical Specifications

Product model Oscillator
Channel 12
Clock frequency 1MHz~1GHz configurable
Power supply DC 12V
Power dissipation ≤3W
Dimension 136mm×60mm×24mm
Weight 210g

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature -25~+40℃
Storage temperature -40~+80℃
Relative humidity 10%~90%
Atmosphere pressure 70~110kPa