Product Description

MVT Digitizer is designed to fulfill the needs of scintillation pulse digitizing applications, with high- efficiency, high-performance and low-cost characteristics. Based on the MVT sampling method, it provides 4 channels to digitize high-speed pulses. Each channel supports 8 voltage thresholds, with a range of 10 mV to 1200 mV and a precision of 0.4 mV. The original sampling data is exported via Gigabit Ethernet port. Besides, users can set sampling parameters through the serial port.

Product Features

High timing resolution performance

8 voltage thresholds: high energy resolution performance


  1. Digital PET, digital animal PET and clinical PET
  2. Photon counting CT
  3. Dosimeter with high count rate
  4. Data acquisition card for

Technical Specifications

Product model MVT-Digitizer 0408
Channel 4
Sampling method Multi-Voltage Threshold
Voltage threshold 8 thresholds, rang from 10mV to 1200mV
Data transmission interface RJ45(Gigabit Ethernet,UDP protocol)
Power supply DC 12V
Power dissipation ≤5W
Dimension 125mm×85mm×20mm
Weight 200g

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature -25~+40℃
Storage temperature -40~+80℃
Relative humidity 10%~90%
Atmosphere pressure 70~110kPa