Radiation Detection

With development of nuclear and radioactive medicine, the risk of radiation exposure that medical staff suffered is increasing. Meanwhile, the applications of nuclear industry and nuclear technology provide more and more advantages for human as well as potential harm, such as nuclear pollution. Thus, the present subjects of nuclear applications are how to apply nuclear energy, how to prevent nuclear radiation and how to control nuclear energy. Furthermore, it put forward urgent demands for rapid, comprehensive and precise nuclear measurement and monitoring technology. The department of radiation detection of RAYCAN is committed to radiation monitoring products with high performances, wherein it applies PET detector and new digital sampling technology to the research and development of radiation products, which results in super-high sensitivity and accuracy. It also applies internet of things technology and data analysis to radiation monitoring system originally and establishes three-dimensional and redundant radiation database, which is able to provide suggestion to optimize radiation work for customers. The radiation monitoring products have got gold award in Geneva international exhibition of inventions and wide recognition of different fields.

The products of the department of radiation detection of RAYCAN comprise Electronic Personal Dosimeter, Personal Radiation Detector, Surface Radiation Monitor , Area Radiation Monitor and Radiation Monitoring System, which are installed successfully in Tongji medical College, Huazhong University of Science &Technology, Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, The Second People’s Hospital of Sichuan, Shanghai Tenth people’s hospital, etc.