Product Description

RadSys is a comprehensive radiation monitoring system which unifies radiation detection products of RAYCAN via the ZigBee network, wherein eight modules are designed for different function, such as area radiation monitoring, personal dose monitoring, surface contamination detection, and radioactive waste monitoring. RadSys is used to perform radiation monitoring data analysis by applying professional database management (MySQL). Specially, the system is used to analyze time, position and radiation data and further extract useful information to guide users for optimizing radiation management. Furthermore, RadSys also supports management of users rights, such as allowing administrators to assign different permissions to users. Meanwhile, users can log into RadSys on the web by computer, smartphone or tablet without any downloading.

RadSys meets the needs of medical and health-related applications which require large-scale radiation monitoring and safety management, such as nuclear medicine, radiology department, PET/SPECT center, Gamma Knife radiosurgery, nuclide factory, and linear accelerator center.

Product Features

Four modules
Professional Database
Multi-platform& Clientless
Convenient management

Environmental Monitoring
Multiple types of dectors
Real-time alerts
Radiation positioning
Visual data

Personal Dose Monitoring
Continuous monitoring
Wireless data reading
Data analysis
Dose management

Surface Contamination Monitoring
α、β monitoring
Environmental inspection
Wireless data reading
Report generation