Product descriptions

RadWall M is a multi-channel area radiation monitor which can be used as a digital terminal for radiation monitoring.RadWall M is designed as a Local Processing Unit(LPU) so that it could process the data from the remote external detectors. RadWall M forms a self-contained system and establishes comprehensive management for the radiation of X-rays, gamma rays, and neutrons with at most four channels of scintillation probes installed at different areas simultaneously. It supports access control with full touchscreen LCD and fingerprint lock functions.RadWall M provides reliable radiation protection for the safety of you.

Product Features

Multi-channel detectors
Monitor multiple types of radiation from differernt areas simultanesously

Compatibel to RadSys with the Zigbee modole inside

Access control
Fingerprint and password locks prevent unauthorized entry

Visual Data
Visually display radiation data with curve and graph

Technical Specifications

Module RadWall M
Detector Four external detectors
Type of Radiation Detected Gamma, X-Ray,Neutron
Overload display Recover in 10s
Alarm Alerts Audible , visible alarms
Communications Zigbee wireless module
Power Supply 100/240V AC, 50/60Hz
RadSys Compatibility Compatible
Access management fingerprint,password
Display LCD
Input device Keyboard,touchscreen
Display unit Gy