Product Description

RadWall S is a next-generation All-digital area radiation monitor which combines three functions in one:

  • Local alarm & display Unit(ADU)
  • Built-In scintillation detector
  • Self-healing & self forming mesh network capable monitor

RadWall S possesses plurality of features, such as high detection accuracy, high sensitivity, fast response and other significant advantages, wherein it applies high performance scintillation dector and multi-voltage threshold algorithm to detect radiation, which makes it becomes an excellent tool for comprehensive radiation monitoring. Through wireless communication (Zigbee), RadWall S is able to eatablish a large scale monitoring network for any working area.

Product Features

Combined detection
Alarm and display
Ensure staff satety

Instant response
Less than two-second notification

Great accutate
Virtual elimination of errors & false alarms

Compatible to the RadSys with Zigbee modules inside

Technical Specifications

Module RadWall S300
Detector YSO(Ce) Scintillator + SiPM
Type of Radiation Detected Gamma, X-Ray,Neutron
Energy Range 20 keV ~ 3 MeV
Measurement range dose rate:0.01 μGy/h ~ 5 mGy/h
Sensitivity 41 cps/μGy/h (∝ Cs-137)
Energy Response within ±20%(∝ Cs-137)
Accuracy ±15%(∝ Cs-137)
Alarm Threshold 1μGy/h ~ 1000μGy/h
Alarm Alerts Audible, visible alarms
Time to alarm < 2 Seconds
Communications Recover in 10s
Overload display Zigbee wireless module
Power Supply 100/240V AC, 50/60Hz
Display OLED
Dimensions 150 x 90 x 60 mm3
Weight 340 g